Tuesday, 31 July 2012

We don't just do memorials for cats & dogs!

Everyone knows someone who has lost a pet, and with so many people owning cats and dogs, we're always hearing the sad news of a beloved pet passing.

But what about all the other animals people own? Where do you find a memorial for your horse, for example?

Here of course!  Since the beginning we've been looking after the legacies of all kinds of animals -- and we do mean all kinds. Here are a few things we've done in the past and we guarantee that at least one of them will surprise you.

1: Headstones for reptiles: believe it or not, people have come to us and asked us to create fitting memorials for lizards, snakes, mischievous turtles and thoughtful tortoises.

2: Pets At Rest have also produced headstones for ferrets and rats, as well as chinchillas, too.

3: We've done great-looking urns for Cockatoos also.

In fact, you name it and we have probably done it at some point. Not only that but we also do...

* Photo pet memorials

* Rustic stone pet memorials

* Bespoke text pet memorials

* Pet tribute keepsakes and pet coffins

Feel free to have a look around and if you need us, you know where we are.

Best wishes,

Team Pets At Rest.

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