Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Pets At Rest: We Don't Approve Your Artwork Until You're 100% Happy!

100% Approved Artwork
Here at Pets at Rest, we're well aware that there are other people doing monuments, urns and headstones for cats, dogs and even horses. That's business for you! But while that may be true, we do feel that there are a few unique things we do that not everyone else does. One of those things is approving your artwork first before we start creating your piece, and giving you complete control. There are a few reasons for this, but the top 3 are as follows:

1) By getting your final approval before we go ahead with anything -- even before we polish the stone and prepare it for engraving - you end up with a legend to your pet that's identical to what you first had in mind. And the difference is enormous: some companies will only give you one chance to make changes, whereas here at Pets at Rest we're happy to make changes until you're 100% happy. It just makes sense to us.

2) People tend to change their mind about artwork more than once, and we don't believe they should have to pay for it - after all, when you're doing something that's a little unusual and important, you're bound to find yourself umming and agghing! In other words, our service is designed with real people in mind, so when real people change their mind we're only too happy to go with it rather than against it!

3) By telling you when we're ready to go ahead, you get one last chance to change things - it can be vital...the difference between something you can cherish forever and something which constantly reminds you that you should have intervened. There's more to it than that, of course. Another good reason for us keeping you in the picture is more basic: people have different opinions, and sometimes people change their minds about the photo or font being used. This often means that after seeing the first design, family members will discuss it and come to different conclusions. Our service is designed so that there is time to come to a compromise about the design, instead of rushing it through and ending up with a headstone that could have been so much better.

Any questions? Feel free to ask them on this blog and our team will get back to you!

Team PetsAtRest

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