Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Great new products for 2014: affordable, sharp & appropriate pet memorials

Where did Christmas 2013 go, exactly? Now, just a week or so on from the 25th, it's hard to imagine that months of planning went into just a couple of days! And as much as Christmas was surely fun for many of you out there, it was surely also just as much about expense. Which is where we tell you about something special we've been working on for 2014: our value pet memorials, for people on a budget who care deeply about their pets and don't want a sub-standard memorial which won't do their pet justice.

Sadly, when faced with large costs, we've found that some pet owners have decided to have no memorial at all for their much loved pet who has passed on. Our value range has been designed to be simple, bold and very cost-effective. With the value range you won't get the same large amount of choice, of course, but what you will get is a solid product that will last and last.

First up, when we decided to create the value range – starting at just £30 for a full pet memorial – we set a few clear ground rules. The first was to use a quality basic material that was proven to stand the test of time, and the second was to use the same tried-and-trusted techniques which we know are the best and most reliable. No cutting corners! As such, all our value pet memorials are made from high-quality granite. Beautifully crafted and polished black granite, to be precise. With this as a solid foundation, we then get to work with sandblasting the lettering. As with all our memorials, you select the right kind of wording and motifs and we engrave this into the stone in such a way that it will be there for many years to come. This is finished in the way that you'd expect, leaving a carefully painted memorial – the colour, of course, is entirely up to you.

The value range may be more basic than some of our other products, but it is still entirely bespoke. Because when it comes to pet memorials, one size definitely doesn't fit all.

All the prices are available on the page, but to give you a rough idea, a small 6 x 4 inch memorial will cost £30 and a large 8 x 12 inch memorial will set you back £50. VAT is included in these prices, and you may also choose to add a steel ground holder to your order, at the time of purchase.

Rustic slate memorials are now also available. Slate is a wonderful natural material which harmonizes perfectly with the kind of workmanship that Pets at Rest love – there's nothing fussy about slate, and against the neutral grey colour, painted lettering shows up wonderfully.
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