Friday, 7 September 2012

Got an idea for a pet memorial? In that case, we'd love to hear it

We don't want to show-off too much (honest!) but here are a few facts about Pets At Rest:

1: we love what we do, but our business is nothing without suggestions and feedback from you.

2: we've been creating the finest pet memorials for years, but we don't only do memorials. We can also offer you a variety of urns and other ways to remember your beloved pet(s).

3: we're really very proud of our new photo memorial service. A black granite model, complete with intricate image, costs in the region of £65 upwards, depending on size and other things. If you'd like a rustic sandstone pet memorial with image then this is available for just under £96. You can see a range of what we do by clicking here.

4: we love challenges. Have an idea which nobody else has been able to help you with? Then give us a call us on 01638 750 066 or email us and we'll see what we can do to make it happen once and for all!

5: we don't like pets dying any more than anyone else does, but sadly it is a fact of life. What we can do, though, is help you through the process. Our system has been designed with your feelings in mind, and our aim is to create a durable, long-lasting memorial for you which you can look at and feel proud of owning.

6: have you found that another company is doing memorials cheaper? Then you can always come to us and ask us to match it. We can't promise we can always do this -- some photo memorials require more work than others -- but we can promise we will listen to you and consider your point of view.

Have some feedback for us about something you feel we could do better? Then please do feel free to leave it with us at our website

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