Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Website update: the new Pets at rest site now features a cool newfeedback page!

Engraved Pet Memorials
Great new pet memorials: something we do every day, as we try and progress the pet memorial to as high a standard as possible!

Website updates aren't always fun: much of the time it means a lot of technical work and we'd rather be producing pet memorials, urns and the like using cutting-edge technology! (We use fine Italian marble, slate and other great stones which lend themselves to what we like to think of as just as much a fine-art as a job.)

But sometimes it's more fun. Like with the feedback page we recently put up!

Here are a few great reasons why the feedback page can help you:

  1. If you have always wondered why you can never find a pet memorial in a certain shape, size or colour then why not go ahead and ask us here?
  2. Do you have a comment about the website? Drop it in and we'll have a look and get back to you. This may be about functionality or it may be about something you feel we have missed. In either case, we're constantly striving to do our best, and make it as easy as possible for you to order your pet memorial.
  3. Have you bought a pet memorial from us already? Well, if you'd like to let us know what you thought then we would very much appreciate that. It doesn't have to be an enormous message, it might just be a few lines which focus on the things you feel we did right or which could possibly have been done better.
  4. Want to know what other people think? A number of comments are already up, so do feel free to have a browse through!
Check back for more blog posts in the near future, including some interesting guest posts!

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