Friday, 4 May 2012

This week's blog: all kinds of memorials

Are you a new visitor to this blog? Well, if so then you may want to head on over to our new website and get an idea of what we're about. Just a short blog this week, and this one is about all the various things we can do. A few examples are below:

1) memorials for cats and dogs in various stones! We can offer you amazing slate, the best Italian marble and all kinds of interesting formats. You can choose from square or rounded, upright or flat. Whatever you choose, we ensure the very best result by working through every stage with you.

2) pet memorials for horses, snakes, name it, we have probably done it! Got a question? You'll more than likely find an answer to it on our website.

3) we're not ONLY about memorials, we also write general-interest blog posts too and soon we'll also be doing guest posts on some really interesting companies!

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