Sunday, 4 December 2011

Two great new products. Interested? You should be. This is PROGRESS!

Some companies in the pet memorial industry like to keep churning out the same old products, day after day, year after year. And while we have to admit that we do a lot of the conventional – if you haven't already then you can see our About Us page for more info about that – we also do a lot of the new and intriguing as well; it's something that many customers say they like about us, and something which we think keeps things really interesting. See our testimonials page here and read some great success stories which we feel we have every right to shout about!

And we think there's no better example of the latter -- the intriguing -- than our brand-new-in Engraved Optical Crystal Tea Light Holder. A fresh and innovative way of remembering your nearest and dearest pet, the Tea Light Holder is ideal for pet owners who would prefer to keep their memorial indoors rather than outside at the mercy of the elements. Decorative and also a great tribute, we think that this is a fine way to celebrate a pet's life while also doubling-up as something practical which you can really use.

So, why not light a candle in memory of a loved one? Furry or with feathers, we can cover everything. And, as you would also expect, our Tea Light Holders are of the finest quality and expertly fashioned out of the best solid optical crystal going. Even better, the fact that they sit inside the comfort of your home means that maintenance is minimal. In reality, an occasional polish will suffice, and keep your pet's memory shining whenever the candle is lit.

Of course, a Tea Light Holder on its own can be attractive, but with your own personalised engraving added to it, it becomes stunning. All designs are sandblasted in-house, where we can keep a strict and steady eye on the process at every single stage in the process. It is this commitment to the fine details which means that you get a vast array of choice – have anything you like sandblasted onto the surface – in the way of both lettering and motifs. An example of this can be found in the photo below.

Naturally, the Engraved Optical Crystal Tea Light Holder won't turn up at your house in some second-hand cardboard box. Pets At Rest are big on making sure the customer is always happy, and as such we supply all our Tea Light Holders – as well as memorials and the like – in a pleasing black foam-lined presentation box.
Summary and fine details

With a size of 80mm high by 50mm wide, this pet memorial is small enough to fit virtually anywhere. And don't worry about the piece becoming lost in a background of ornaments and small indoor plants – once lit, the Tea Light Holder emits a powerful glow that filters majestically through the prism of glass beneath it. In other words, during the day it will look precious, and during the night it will retain its magical charm excellently, always reminding of a pet but without the merest suggestion of anything morbid.

Included in the price is your choice of up to 2 motifs and wording. If you're unsure about how your design and text might be incorporated into one of our memorials – or if you have any questions about anything you have read on this blog – feel free to contact us.

Another forward-thinking memorial we have newly on offer is the Rustic Slate-Stone Pet Memorial.

Made from the best authentic solid grey/blue natural Welsh stone, this memorial offers a compromise between the traditional memorials we all know and love, and the slightly more contemporary designs which we are beginning to see more and more of (something which we are very keen to emphasise, as we feel there is still much more to be developed within this almost infinite concept). Once again, it comes personalised with your very own choice of wording, and we are more than happy to discuss any ideas you may have for motifs. You'd be surprised what's possible, and with sandblasting techniques becoming ever more refined, the limits which were present twenty – or even ten – years ago are now no longer a concern for the skilled craftsman.

Another attractive quality about our Rustic Slate Stone Pet Memorials is the way they integrate into their environment. While the stone is somewhat more honed than any that exist in the average garden, they also possess a familiarity that doesn't make them stand out so much they look ridiculous. In other words, it's a great way to compliment your garden, while also making a statement that is obvious enough to remind you of your pet, whenever you come across the stone.

Other slight differences from the conventional pet memorial are as follows: this memorial has no base-holder, and doesn't need to be placed on any special device to keep it firmly in place. Thanks to a reasonable weight and suitably flat base, the stone rests easily wherever you would like to position it. This means that not only is installation incredibly simple, but moving the memorial to a new location – such as when moving house – is easy and trouble-free.

Details on size, fonts and other information

At 10 inches wide by 8 inches high, these pet memorials are a decent size. Bold without being bulky, and attractive without outshining anything in the surrounding area (the stones are roughly 10mm thick, which means that they stand proud of the ground just enough to create a nice relief against the flat earth beneath).

Ordering your Rustic Slate Stone Pet Memorial genuinely couldn't be easier or less hassle. Simply head over to the official Pets At Rest website and complete the online order-form. Specifically designed to make ordering as stress-free as possible, we won't keep asking you seemingly irrelevant questions or bombard you with a whopping questionnaire once you're done. Just enter the text you'd like and we'll do the rest. You'll also be able to see a full range of Standard Pet Motifs or Fonts. If you like.

Finally, once we've received your design – for those of you who are looking to add a sandblasted motif to the memorial– we'll take a look at it and then email the refined art-work to you so that you can check it and make sure that everything is where it should be.

Thanks for reading. We will be back soon with more!

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